$5,000.00 Global Donation





Why Kids Love Art


Youngstars Art Gallery Inc. humbly shares with ‘Global Donors’ for the primary beneficiary, The Next Generations’ social hope program.


Today your $5,000.00 Global Donation funds Youngstars Artists and ArtPals; Better Education (Academy, Preparatory, College, University) Tuition and Scholarships, Quality Healthcare (Out of Pocket) Costs, + ONE ‘Dream Come True’.





 YOUNGSTARS ART GALLERY INC. interprets Art with the eyes of God.

For the Lord does not see as man sees,

for man looks at the outward appearance,

but the Lord looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7b



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First, last and above all else, Youngstars Art Gallery Inc. recognizes a responsibility to establish and enforce policies and procedures that protects all participants and inventory.  We will fund the Next Generations’ Better Education, Quality Healthcare, + ONE ‘Dream Come True’ 100% Gift Fund Benefits via Online Multi-marketplace Vendor Stores.  The Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Administrative Staff, Independent Contractors, Joint Ventures, Global Donors, and Parents / Guardians associated with Youngstars Art Gallery Inc.’s Vision, Mission, and Goals ultimate purpose is to secure the Next Generations’ overall well-being and benefit one hundred percent (100%) future financial funds.  All parties will demonstrate good social morals and ethics in all phases of operations; The Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, Administrative Staff, Independent Contractors, Joint Ventures, Global Donors, and Parents / Guardians, which are Custodians over the ‘100% Gift Fund Benefits’ until the legal age of eighteen (18) years old.

The Board of Directors governs corporate legal and security procedures and enforces policies and procedures.  Security briefings will be conducted before, during to completion, present and future planned earn income projects and activities.  Online security policies are strictly enforced rules governing safety for the Next Generations future financial gains will be strictly observed and always willing to make necessary updates, changes, and corrections quickly.  Youngstars Art Gallery Inc. is accountable for safety: our highest priority.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration regarding Youngstars Art Gallery Inc., a global nonprofit ‘enterprise’ corporation!  A New Art Experience.

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Urban Legends Art Exhibition and Auction | LA Street Art Gallery



Youngstars Art Gallery global project is on a GLOBAL SEARCH for global participation:  VIision

  • 1,000+ Youngstars Artists ages 7 to 25

  • ArtPals (non-Artist) ages 7 to 25 “No Child Left Behind.”

  • Master Artists age 26 & Older

  • Art Counselors age 26 & Older


ONE ELIGIBILITY:ALL Arts and Crafts MUST be Positive, Clean, and Inspiring.

*** Absolutely no barriers:  Geographical area, Religion, Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Special Needs, or Household Income.

Youngstars Art Gallery Inc. has structured more than twenty-two (22) planned present and future earn income projects, activities, and joint ventures.  SOURCE OF FUNDS never ends.  Shutting the doors on bright future minds due to lack of funds is not an option.

When we stand for all, no one falls.

YOUNGSTARS ART GALLERY INC. is “Making A Right Decision!”.

Thanks for Global Support!