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Youngstars Art Gallery humbly shares this global donor platform with all of you. Together, we are the Next Generations paradigm shift from social hopelessness to social hope.

Today, your $100.00 Global Donation benefits innocent young minds through unique and supreme Arts & Crafts for Better Education (Academy, Preparatory, College, University) Tuition and Scholarships, Quality Healthcare (Out of Pocket) Costs, + ONE ‘Dream Come True’.

“Say no more.”





YOUNGSTARS ART GALLERY INC. interprets Art with the eyes of God.
For the Lord does not see as man sees,
for man looks at the outward appearance,
but the Lord looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7b



Our Social Dysfunctions has left the Next Generations with GRAVEYARD promises.  We’ve been blessed throughout our lives, but now, it is past due the Next Generation’s blessings of opportunities.  We’d love to make a positive deserving difference.  We are determined to reduce the Next Generation’s social hopelessness:


·         Child Abuse

·         Teen Illiteracy

·         High School Dropout

·         Teen Unemployment

·         Juvenile Crime

·         Teen Pregnancy

·         Illegal Drugs

·         Alcohol

·         Bipolar

·         ADD, ADHD, ODD

·         Rage

·         Suicide

·         Gun Violence

·         Chemical Terrorism

·         Incarceration (25 years to life)



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The 6 Ways Millennials Are Changing America | Robert Reich



TODAY!, is an opportune time to FUND Better Education Tuition (Academy, Preparatory, College, University) & Quality Healthcare (Out-of-Pocket) Costs and AWARD Better Education Scholarships + ONE ‘Dream Come True’.

Global Innovators


Youngstars Art Gallery global project is on a GLOBAL SEARCH for global participation:  VIision

• 1,000+ Youngstars Artists ages 7 to 25


• ArtPals (non-Artist) ages 7 to 25 “No Child Left Behind.”


• Master Artists age 26 & Older


Art Counselors age 26 & Older


ONE ELIGIBILITY:  ALL Arts and Crafts MUST be Positive, Clean, and Inspiring.
*** Absolutely no barriers:  Geographical area, Religion, Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Special Needs, or Household Income.


When we stand for all, no one falls.


YOUNGSTARS ART GALLERY INC. is “Making A Right Decision!”.
Thanks for Global Support!