Hopelessness to Hope!




What has happened to the DREAM for the Next Gens?  The DREAM remains alive!  Their hope has rapidly dwindled to the size of a pinhead.  And social hopelessness is now the new normal for them, barely surviving all alone.  This is a disgrace to God.  They are His children first that He left us responsible for nurturing them.  However, social hope thrives in unison with purpose driven opportunities, such as, innate creative abilities, gifts, and talents for His Glory!  When we come together as one people, we can ‘HOPE’ together again for the Next Gen’s promising future dreams.  Youngstars Art Gallery is “Making A Right Decision”!


The Millennial Dream – A Short Discussion


The American Dream Is the cultural motif that has inspired North America for the last century. Work hard, save, sacrifice and you will get ahead. America offers the freedom of upward mobility. But over the last two decades the American Dream has been called into question. For many, it no longer seems to be working. The Millennial Dream is a feature length documentary that explores the values that may replace the cultural motif known as The American Dream.




With Child Development expenses on the Rise, many of the Next Generations are excluded from a promising future.


The government continues to cut back on contracts to human services agencies, more than $80 billion over the last two decades to be exact.  Public services:  correctional facilities, healthcare, elderly care, childcare, transportation for the elderly, handicapped, and Braille translation.  These services are forced to turn to the private sector for operating funds and Increases the Demand for More NONPROFITS.


What’s the Profit in Nonprofits? | Areva Martin | TEDxCrenshaw


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