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My heart cries out for our children today.  I imagine in their little minds that they are truly perplexed with adult’s ill will behavior.  It is so sad.

Today’s adult campaigns family, but use our children as slaves for our pleasure and greed.  We chastise them for bullying, yet our tempers rage is at its highest.  We say, “Don’t do drugs and drink alcohol”, but they can’t eat a full meal because drugs came first.  We protest peace while preparing for war.  It is a shame.

I suppose one day, the children will become top priority in the adult’s daily agenda.  One day.  Why not today?

Until then, all they can do is pray for us in dire hopes of a loving & caring world for all children to grow up with productive lives, like it was back in the day.

When I was a child, adults seem to care about our well-being.  They respected a child’s opportunity to be a child.  But now I’m old, it’s now time for me / us to reciprocate those beautiful tender years of innocent children.

A world unknown…Who really cares about the children for God’s sake?

This is not your bee-bop video, it’s the truth, “Prayer of the Children”.

We can partner together for all children. ‘YES WE CAN CHANGE.’


A 3 year old Little Girl Praying for the world