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Every Opportunity


WOW!!!, I love this video.  Children are not a nuisance or some invisible mistake.  They are people too, with real thoughts & emotions that can be influenced by adult choices; the good, bad, and indifferences.


Just because we are the tallest, instead of looking down at them, we can afford teach them every opportunity to look up, be respectful & become responsible adults.


Yes, we have the advantage over them today.  But what happens tomorrow when they get the advantage over us?  Time reverses the roles.  Then we’re the disadvantage, the shortest & they’re the advantage, the tallest.


A brighter future does not equate to how much stuff a child accumulates or lacks, but it’s how much did they know we cared about and for them.


The sky is the limit & we are responsible for teaching them how to reach for the stars!


Children deserve our undivided attention today.  We’ll need them tomorrow; Reciprocity.



Time flies,