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Dreams are unique talent, gift, & skill identifications, just like fingerprints.  All God’s children are born in Purpose, on Purpose, and for Purpose to create greatness for the ‘next’ generation prosperity.


“I Have a Dream” is not a slogan.  A dream is the universe equal opportunity for all people’s contributions.  Who will volunteer in homes, schools, recreation centers, hospitals in the byways and highways to help their dream come true today?


Dreams will dramatically reduce gun violence, gang banging, bullying, juvenile crime, world hunger.  Be true to you.  Build up good character, self-worthiness, confidence, and respect for our neighbor’s differences.


Do you know what your child’s dream is?  What about the other children in your community?  Ask them, they have a dream.  Possibly, no one has ever asked them, “What do you love to do most?”:


BIble Gateway Proverbs 29:18  KJV


18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.


You are the dream for a reason for a season.  DREAMS ARE TRUE & SO ARE YOU!